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How to create Effective and Successful Power Point Presentation - WiseStep

Power point presentations are one of the most comfortable way which facilitates an individual to leap out from of the conference by delivering a rattling presentation. These presentations can be prepared quickly and updated when desired. The best part of any power point presentation is that one can add visual effects to the presentation to snaffle the attention of others. They stand to be an effective form of demonstration as they support communication, focus on the subject and also picture problematical concepts. With the state of art technology any presentation today either business or academics utilize power point as their strong tool to deliver ideas. Only an effective PowerPoint presentation can tie the audiences and keep them engaged. It’s a challenge to grab attention of the audience and keep them attentive during presentation. This can be achieved by effective power point presentations. Let’s run through few points about how to prepare effective power point presentation.How to Create an effective powerpoint presentation
1. Design: Only a perfect design can finish your presentation with a professional touch and make it look neat. To pick out a picture perfect design pattern, presentation helper can be utilized which holds abundant templates for various topics. There are also a few points to bear in mind like downloading a free template or creating a fresh one. The design chosen should be simple and never muddle the audience during presentation. Simple font size, header and text should be picked out which is easy to read . The message should be noticeable and in no way the design must restrict your message.

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20 Best Tips to create and maintain a good work life balance - WiseStep

How to make #Team #meetings #Fun, Interesting and Effective? - #WiseStep

Meetings are important procedures for any company, team or unit, be it a sports team, a business team, a school teachers’ team or any such unit. Meetings are a place where ideas and plans are shared, shortcomings are discussed, solutions are found, where strategies are planned etc. In brief, a meeting is where the past and current activities of the company are discussed and planned to build the future of the company. It is at meetings mostly when a team meets and each team member shares his or her opinion about the success or failure of a certain project and steps are taken to ensure that the success is repeated in a higher magnitude while the failures are not. Thus meetings are essential for the success of any business or team. But it is also seen that many prefer to stay away from meetings while some do not like to attend one. The reasons can be many.How to make team meetings effective
Yet, meetings are necessary and crucial for any team’s success but it is up to each of you as to how you help make the meeting more productive and team friendly. You can make meetings creative and dynamic by following certain tips. Here are 25 easy and simple ways to make your meetings more productive and fun:

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How to stay #Positive and #Motivated when you #hate your #job

There are very few people on earth who loves the job that they are doing. So, if you are one of them, then you are amongst the lucky few, but for most of us, we wake up every morning with the dreadful thought that we have to go back to work. Some stick to the job because the salary that they are getting is good enough and for some, they are taking some time to gain some experience so that when they decide to move out, they will seek for something better. Most of us hate our jobs because of our boss. They make the life a complete hell at the office and even when we are back home, they make it a point to ruin our weekend too with their share of work bestowed on us so that they can enjoy the weekends freely. The main problem is that the economy is in such a state that people fear that if they leave this job, then there are high chances that they won’t be getting any job. There are very few people who get paid to follow their passion, in most cases work has become a requirement. It is nothing like people don’t change their job at all and stick to the same job for a long period even when it sucks, instead there have been cases when they have changed for the worse unintentionally. So, most people continue with their job that is paying them at the end of the month.How to stay positive when you hate your job

Here we are providing you with some tips, so that you can stay happy even when your job sucks –

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Hey everyone! Betsey Stevenson here from President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers. In honor of Women’s Equality Day, I’ll be taking over I Love Charts to tell the story of the progress we’ve made in closing the earnings gap between women and men, and the challenges women still face in the workforce. 

Betsey says it better than we can. Have a look at the results

Also, hey, Happy Women’s Equality Day, Tumblr. 


Huawei says it has no choice but Android

Windows Phone has been going nowhere fast over the last year, although Microsoft is hopeful that things will finally pick up now that it’s made the platform free for OEMs to use and it’s signed up a lot more manufacturing partners. Nonetheless, the company still has to overcome some major hurdles to convince some big-name manufacturers to spend their resources on Windows Phone handsets even if they might want an alternative to Android to hedge their bets.

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